Soapless "Shampoo" Recipe

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This is a hair-rinse for you to try as your shampoo, or to incorporate into your hair washing routine:
1 c. Water (to tone down the acidity of the A/C vinegar)
1/4 c. Apple Cider Vinegar (to lift build up/product/odor/bacteria off the hair)
1/4 c. Coconut Oil (to lift product off the hair)
1 tbsp Olive Oil (for moisture and maneuverability)

Shake well, as oil and water separate. Warm product before using (coconut oil solidifies at any temp under 76 degrees). The product is very liquidy.

I applied the product to each section of my hair, by massaging it into my scalp, rubbing it down my hair, then combing it down my hair( it combed down my hair VERY easily). I then washed it out. It did an amazing job of removing product/build up from my hair, and left it feeling soft & moisturized.

I then conditioned my hair as normal(my hair was so soft and moisturized, I wondered if I needed to), washed it out, and I was done.
I then let my hair dry to about 90% dry, and then put a little bit of shea butter on my hair.
(*Update: make sure your hair is almost dry, otherwise the shea butter will keep it while for a long time.)
And my hair and scalp are clean.

*Update: In my original posting, I mentioned my hair feeling barely oily after application. I no long find this to be true. It might have been due to not completely rinsing off the product.)
Stay Happy & Stay Nappy! 
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  1. soap less shampooo - will sure will try
    hair care

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