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Yassine Rahal: Moroccan-French Model

I'ma keep this short and sweet. Hair growth (even if your hair grows fast) is a sloooow-moving process, so you need to be patient. Do not check your length super frequently unless you want to drive yourself CRAZY!

Hair grows on average 3 (yes, 3 inches is in the normal range) to 6 inches a year. Count on retaining less than that amount if your hair breaks at all (If you have fine hair, count on retaining 1.5-3 inches of length a year), or if you trim your hair. This means that if you want to gain twelve inches of length, count on it taking 2 to four years (or 8 years if your hear is fine and breaks very easily).

If this information bothers you, please consider this before you go out and choke someone out:

This info is not meant to discourage you. 

This information will help you if you allow it to. Please take it and use it to set realistic hair goals for yourself. Then, you can celebrate when you reach those goals. Remember, it's about understanding your hair, and working with it in order to reach your goals. Slow and steady wins the race!

Stay Happy & Stay Nappy

Corbin Bleu (with a bit of product in his hair)

A lot of people ask me how to get Corbin Bleu's hair...

(a little taste of what's in the manual!)

The thing that I have been hard at work on is here. It's called: "Getting Started: The Longhair Aaron Way," and it is a free download for those of you who are just getting started on your journeys to happy-nappy long hair, or for those of you who want friendly reminders to keep in mind as your journey continues. It is quick, informative, and easy to digest. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in writing it.

Click here to view and download it!

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As you get to know your hair, you are going to discover the best ways to give your hair what it needs. These “best ways” are what will create your hair care regimen. I think of a haircare regimen as a plan of attack for whatever your hair needs. Your regimen can be as simple or as complex as you want or need it to be. It can be fixed or fluid, consistent or infrequent; It’s really up to you.

Below, I've created a guide for which bases you should cover in your hair regimen as well as what you’ll need in order to do it. Every head of hair is different, so feel free to customize your regimen so it will suit your specific needs! You can read it here on my blog. Or download the PDF here, so you can take it with you wherever you go!

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Are you doing everything right, and still having issues with breakage? Don't fret! It might be the type of hair that you have, and I'm NOT talking about your curl pattern...